On Wednesday, September 11, the 2013-2014 ADL Glass Leadership Institute (GLI) held its first session. Over the course of nine monthly meetings, GLI participants will develop an understanding of the ADL and its impact through interactive programs that will include both national and local ADL staff, in addition to key local partners in the areas of education, law enforcement and the media.

The 2013-2014 Glass Leadership Institute is Co-Chaired by recent graduates Melissa Duchin and Sam Johnson. Participants include: Eric Adams, Tim Baren, Amy Berk, Julie Blacker, Kevin Burck, Lauren Cohen, Rabbi Rafi Cohen, Tracy Davis, Michelle Falk, Sadie Funk, David Gair, Laura Hacker, Dale Holzman, Stephanie Loovis, Havy Rosenstock, Daniel Rothstein, Jay Singleton, Eli Tabaria, Erin Turley, and Haim Vasquez-Echeverri.